February 24, 2010

Four for Four

So I was thinking about it today and Sawyer has seen a doctor a week since he was born. Be it a regular check up, an emergency room visit or the latest, a visit to the paediatrics cardiology ward, he's no stranger to the hospital.

It's this latest visit though that's the point of this post. On our visit to the Stollery Children's Hospital this week, after an ultrasound and an EKG we were told that Sawyer has a heart condition known as Pulmonary Stenosis.

Pulmonary Stenosis is, by definition, a narrowing of the valve or path leading from the right side of the heart to the lungs. Sawyers condition, as of right now, is not serious but he will need to be monitored over the coming months to make sure that the narrowing is not becoming more pronounced. Worst case scenario Sawyers condition can be fixed by inserting and expanding a small balloon in his narrowed artery. This is an easy, safe and permanent fix.

We'd like to thank you all for your prayers concerning Sawyer and his health. It might sound weird but it is a relief to Trev and I to know what the problem is and to know that we live in a country which allows for money strapped students to access the most advanced health care. We thank God for His great mercy.

February 22, 2010

One Month...

Weight: 9lbs 1oz

Height: 21 inches

Milestones: This week Sawyer lost his umbilical chord. Not that I was sad about this loss but it kind of reinforced the fact that Sawyer is indeed growing and changing, and lately the growing and changing seems to be happening at a pretty steady pace.

Little explorer: Road Trip! And finally, Reading Week. We took our first trip as a family this week. Sawyer slept like a rock through the whole two hours in his car seat and seemed to quite enjoy his time being cuddled and kissed by his adoring relatives in Red Deer.

First: I was torn whether this comment should go into 'Firsts' or into 'Favourite moments'... Sawyer is now sleeping in his own room. This means that he is not only sleeping through the night (well he is still waking to eat) but that his mom and dad are also getting some rest. So I guess it is a milestone for Sawyer and getting some sleep (hopefully soon a habit) makes it a favourite moment for both Trev and I.

Scary moments: During his first doctor's appointment we were told that Sawyer has a heart murmur (an extra or unusual sound heard during a heartbeat). Apparently they are quite common in babies but we are being sent for some tests at the Stollery Children's Hospital just in case. Please pray.

February 15, 2010

Three Weeks...

Weight: 8lbs 7oz

Height: 20 inches

First: Sawyer has officially outgrown his first outfit... well out stretched it. Since being home from the hospital his favourite position has been with his little legs tucked up beside his belly. Lately he's been experimenting with stretching out his legs and thus eliminating one of his newborn sized outfits.

Likes: This week Sawyer decided that he actually likes taking a bath. This makes it a much more pleasant bonding time for Trev and his little man.

Favourite moments: Sawyer attended his first party this week. Auntie Sandra and Uncle Kevin hosted an Olympic party. Sawyer loved all of the attention and cuddles. He slept through the entire party being passed from person to person. Needless to say, he stayed up most of the rest of the night.

Trying to learn: Sawyer is trying to learn how to sleep in his crib. Correction... we are trying to teach Sawyer how to sleep in his crib. I sometimes think that the learning curve for us, the new parents, is greater than that of our little new born who is discovering the world for the first time. We'll get this parenting thing figured out yet.

He prefers: His soother to his fist... yes, he does use a soother. After three weeks of no sleep, we popped in his soother, he instantly calmed down and we all had a bit of rest. We were hesitant about it at first but it sure is making a difference in his sleeping.

Amazing: When Sawyer is truly asleep nothing can wake him. Tonight as he was once again cuddling with a visitor, the fire alarm went off; he didn't even flinch. Too bad we couldn't transfer this sleeping power to the middle of the night!

February 12, 2010


It's official... Sawyer gets more mail than we do! He just received his fifth package today.

At least Sawyer gets presents instead of bills. :)

February 8, 2010

Week Two...

Weight: 7lbs 13oz

Height: 19 inches

First: This week Sawyer started to focus his eyes on objects close to him. Now when he is held, if he is awake, he spends a good portion of his time intently staring at your face. It's nice to feel like you're being seen.

Likes:This week we started having some tummy time in the sunshine. No complaints from Sawyer.

Dislikes: We discovered this week that Sawyer does not like being tickled. We've found that his back is especially ticklish and if you run a finger up from his hip to his armpit he squirms and protests.

Favourite moments: I would have to say that our times cuddling, now with smiles and focused eyes, are still my favourite times.

Trying to learn: Sawyer is trying desperately to learn how to suck his thumb. Most of the time his arms are flailing about and so he ends up with a fist in his mouth for a few seconds and then off it goes again.

February 1, 2010

One Week...

It's hard to believe that Sawyer has now been a part of our lives for an entire week. All of the adjustments, not to mention the steep learning curve, have robbed us of time and most definitely sleep. This week has been a blur.

We'd like to keep you all updated on Sawyer's many accomplishments and journeys through life. Here is the first of many to come.

Weight: 7lbs 1oz

Height: 19 inches

Newest tricks: Sawyer likes to smile. I swear I've even heard him giggle. Whether it's gas or his way of expressing emotion, it sure is adorable. Funny though, he seems to like to smile at me in the middle of the night while he's keeping me awake. It's as if he thinks it's funny that he controls the show around here, especially in the wee hours of the morning.

Likes: Sawyer likes chillin' with his dad. The two of them sit at the computer and Trev introduces Sawyer to the world of music. Trev will say, "I know you won't like this music when you're older, mostly cause we like it, but you need to give it a chance now". At which time they listen to some 80's tunes.

Dislikes: He greatly dislikes being cold... can you blame him? He fidgets and sometimes screams when you change his diaper or strip him down for a bath.

Favourite moments: Number One - My favourite moments this week have been the quiet times when we sit in the arm chair and talk. I love to see him smiling back at me.

Number Two - At the hospital Trev was changing Sawyer's diaper when the doctor walked in and casually asked Trev how many times he'd been pooped or peed on. Just as Trev finished telling the doctor that he hadn't yet been messed on, Sawyer let loose and sprayed the entire hospital bed. To make matters worse as Trev was frantically cleaning up, Sawyer peed all over his own face (Poor little guy!). The doctor just stood by calmly and watched while an embarrassed and dishevelled Trev did his best to amend the situation. You couldn't help but feel bad for Sawyer and for Trevor! Especially seeing how Trev changed ALL Sawyers diapers for the first three days. (P.S. Trev is amazing!)

Scary moments: Sawyer ended up in the U of A Emergency room this past Sunday. Visually, his jaundice had been getting a lot worse and then Sunday he refused to wake up and eat for almost 10 hours straight. We called Health Link and were advised to rush him in. At the hospital he had an IV put in (so heart breaking), blood drawn and waited 5 hours to see the doctor. In the end all was fine. His jaundice levels, although they looked high weren't in the dangerous range and the doctor said that some babies just decide not to eat for quite a period at a time. This was a hard experience for us but we are so thankful that Sawyer did not have to stay in the hospital and that he has been at home eating like a trooper ever since.