February 17, 2011

My, How He's Grown!

-1 week - 6 weeks - 10 weeks-

One year ago these two began a journey.
One of them changed a lot in that time, the other, not so much.

-15 weeks - 4 months-

-6 months-

-7 months-

-8 months - 9 months-

And, today...

February 9, 2011

Birthday Bash!

-Dressed in a Korean hanbok (Dress Robes). Thanks to Uncle Eddy.-

Sawyer turned 1! I know, hard to believe. Where has the time gone?

-Let the cake eating begin!-

-Sawyer and Uncle Ed.-

-Dawson sporting a vicious snake. 
A huge thank you to Rob for the amazing face art!-

-Kisses from Kim.-

-The spread. Trev and I are pretty proud of the Puppy cake. 
Not sure how we'll top that next year.-

-One adorable little man sporting his hanbok (dress robes worn by Koreans at such occasions as the first birthday, New Years, Weddings and all manner of important celebrations).-

Thanks everyone for your support, friendship and love this year. Raising Sawyer and watching him grow has been one of the most rewarding blessings of our lives. Thank you for being a part of it!