July 27, 2010


After the Rain

I'll admit, I never really understood the love of gardening until this year that is. For the first time ever we are in a place where we can see our yard every time we look out a windows (unlike our thirteenth story apartment and basement suites) and so, both Trevor and I have grown to feel a great amount of pride in admiring and caring for our yard. We love the green green grass, the hundreds of blossoms, the overgrown trees and leafy bushes, not to mention our great little garden of pots on our front porch (shout out to Beck). And not only are we admiring God's handiwork in the way of flora but we've even gone so far as to buy a bird feeder in order to attract a little winged company as well.

Unforeseen Beauty

July 25, 2010

Six Months!!

16lbs 2oz

Height: 26 inches

Favorite moment: Waking Sawyer in the morning. He is so smiley and SO excited to see us. It's almost a race between Trev and I to see who gets to greet the little man first.

Newest trick: Rolling over! Well almost. He CAN roll over, he just forgets often how to do it. Sitting up on the other hand he is doing very well at. He loves to sit an laugh at Kimchi as he watches him play with his toys. It does us all good to watch the two of them. I would have never imagined that Kimchi and Sawyer would get along so well!

Favourite toy:
His exer-saucer (sounds like some cultish thing). He loves to sit/bounce in it an play with all the noisy toys on the sides. I don't mind the noise because it gives me a free minute to do things like post this blog.

Peek-a-boo. Try it and he cries. Funny thing is, he loves to be startled. If you are walking away and turn around suddenly and grab his tummy he laughs himself silly.

His third and final visit for the year! (See post below for further details.)

July 23, 2010

Kimchi's Heaven

Kimchi has recently realized the value of having a little one in the house. For six months now Kimchi has put up with not being the centre of attention and now that Sawyer is eating solid foods, Kimchi is finally reaping his reward. I have a feeling that this newly blossomed symbiotic relationship is the beginning of a beautiful friendship. :)

Note: the following pictures are not for germaphobes or the faint hearted. Mom, look away.

-This is the chaos that we now call dinner time at the Olson residence.-

July 15, 2010

Third Time is the Charm

We took Sawyer in for his third check up at the Stollery this week and good news... Sawyer's condition is getting neither better, nor worse. This is great news seeing how the last time he had a check up his condition had worsened. So now our little Sawyer is being spared five visits and does not have to return to the Children's Hospital for another year! Praise the Lord!

July 6, 2010

Saskatchewan Landing

-And that's not even all of us!-

A few weekend ago we were fortunate enough to be able to attend a family reunion at Saskatchewan Landing (the Bogen side of the family (Trevor's Mom's side). Not only was it great to introduce Sawyer to a ton of his relatives (the ones responsible for his red hair) but it was so wonderful for Sawyer to finally meet all of his aunts, uncles and cousins. We were also able to enjoy a bit of the water and the sunshine while hanging out on the boat.

-Sawyer spent a good portion of his time at the reunion meeting new people, this is one of the few times I nabbed him to a cuddle.-

-Turkey & ham dinner!! That's right! Turkey while camping!-

-Canada Day fireworks at the fairgrounds in Swift Current, Saskatchewan.-

-Captain Trev loves his Dad's new boat! Maybe someday Trev, maybe someday...-

-Raith showing off the flowers he picked especially for his grandma! What a sweet boy.-

-Four generations of Bogens.-

-Zane and Raith enjoying a ride in tube thanks to Uncle Trev.-

-Tanya and Rowan enjoying the breeze while riding on the front of the boat.-

-A dirty faced little Kayla. Needless to say, she enjoyed Grandpa's boat as much as anyone.-

July 5, 2010

Twenty Three Weeks...

Favourite toy: His toes. He can't get them into his mouth as of yet, but not for a lack of trying.

Little explorer:
We all journeyed out to Saskatchewan landing for Sawyer's first family reunion. And, with his fiery red hair, he fit right in. Needless to say, the Bogen side of the family seemed quite happy to see that the red head gene was continuing on.

Favourite food: Rice Cereal... well I don't know if you can call it a favorite if that's all he's tried, but he does love it. He gets so excited when he sees a spoonful of cereal that he often flails his arms and knocks the goopy stuff all down his front side. Yeah, I'd say he likes food.

(1) Meeting one of his Great Grandmothers... Sawyer has 4 Great Grandparents and hopefully he will be able to meet them all and sometime soon.

(2) Being sick. Sawyer contracted his first cold while visiting at the reunion and it took the poor little guy out for a few days. Luckily for his mother, the little man is as good natured when he's sick as he is when he's healthy.

A more appropriate title would be 'Addictions:' Sawyer is positively addicted to his soother. He was neither here nor there about the whole soother business for a while and then he figured out how to grab it and stuff it in his mouth. Now there is no stopping him, he LOVES it!

July 1, 2010

Happy Canada Day, Saskatchewan!

Wishes for a very happy Canada Day to all!