June 30, 2009

Vancouver By Night

-Sunset in the Stanley Park Harbour. Vancouver, Canada.-

The final night of my 'all girls' trip to the coast was spent in one of my all-time favorite locations in all of Canada, Stanley Park. It was after a divine meal of Shabu-shabu and some good old K-Pop that Beth and I took a leisurely tour around the park. From stunningly silent harbour settings to the evening rush of traffic, the park was captivating.

-Evening traffic over the Lion's Gate Bridge.-

June 29, 2009

Island Time

-Cold and wet this surfer calls it a day. Wickaninnish Beach, Vancouver Island.-

A few more shots from my time on the island. The weather was coastal to say the least but we did manage to squeeze a few hours of sunshine out of the evening. And, braving the chilly rain, mist and fog we spent a good portion of our day on the beach marveling at the fortitude of the surfers, examining countless sea stars and trying in vain to keep our feet dry.

-Stained Glass window of a church in the quaint town of Ucluelet. -

I wanted to share this window as I admire the simplicity of the glass work and the honesty of the timeworn frame. To me the signs of decay speckling the wall speak of hardship, forbearance and yet an overriding sense of endurance.

-Funky sea star (because apparently they are not fish).-

June 27, 2009

Feels Like Summer

-Dawson, Kimchi and I trying out the slide.-

One sunny afternoon in May we ventured out the the park to enjoy the mild weather, goof around and take a few shots of the boys. As usual we had a blast. Well most of us enjoyed our outing... Kimchi didn't seem terribly keen on the whole slide thing but other than that we all had a great time playing at the park, smelling the blossoms and basking in the warmth.

-Cooper showing off those two front teeth for uncle Trevor.-

-Water break. Running around is a hard job!-

-My favorite shot of the evening. Look at that excitement!-

-Running and goofing and running some more!-

-Coop may just be the next camera man in the family.-

June 4, 2009

The Island

-I swear he posed for me. Bald Eagle. Ucluelet.-

From the proud and majestic up in the trees, to the lowly crammed between the crevices in the rocks, the island was stunning.

-Mussels clinging to the rocks. Ucluelet.-

On the island I spent most of my time enjoying the ocean, wandering the beaches marveling at the wildlife and vegetation. Being there in the midst of God's creation was almost overwhelming. Our world, what we've been given, is such a precious, wonderful and awe-inspiring place.

-The beaches were strewn with Starfish. Wickaninnish Beach.-

-A small strawberry plant desperately trying to etch out a life in the rocks. Ucluelet.-