October 1, 2011

Hudson at Two Months...

Weight: 13lbs 12oz

Height: 23 inches

Favorite moment: Hudson has let out two hearty laughs so far, with many more to come. The first was when his puppy got in trouble! And the second was when his paediatrician was examining him for his 2 month check up. We can't wait for this laughter to become a regular guest in our home.

First: The boys had their first bath together. Hudson, of course, isn't sitting yet so Trev held him but he loved watching his older brother splash around and Sawyer seemed to love his company. I see many fun, many very wet bath times ahead.

Little boy: Hudson is now easily into 6 month clothing. Today I had to pack up all of his newborn - 3 month clothing and bring out the 6 - 9 month clothing. He is such a healthy big boy!

Favourite toy: Hudson has grown to love his activity arch. He can lay on his back and stare up at the hanging toys for long periods on end. Hudson's other source of entertainment comes from sitting up on his couch and watching Sawyer chase his puppy around the house. Both of these activities bring on smiles and irresistible cooing.