June 28, 2010

Beach Bum

For a the most special of Father's Days, Trev's first, we headed out to the lake to spend the day wading in the perfectly warm waters, playing under the canopies of green leaves, cuddling on the sandy beach and chatting with family around an evening fire. All had a great time. Sawyer enjoyed the sights and sounds, Trev enjoyed just being with his precious little boy and I enjoyed watching the two of them. It sure is fun having a little Sawyer around.

-Sawyer commandeered his own lawn chair as it was too hot for him to be held.-

-Cuddling the afternoon away.-

-Playing in the shade with Auntie Becki.-

June 27, 2010

Out with the Old, In with the New

-Post-cut Kimchi-

A few weeks back I got really, really tired of looking at a pitifully scraggly Kimchi. So, being poor students and all, I decided to cut his hair myself. And, thanks to You Tube, a pair of clippers and my lovely assistant Trevor I managed a half-decent schnauzer cut. Now not only does Kimchi look better but he also feels better in the heat (yes, I said heat as we've actually had a little bit of nice weather as of late).

-Pre-cut Kimchi-

-Half way done. Poor little guy sat obediently for near two hours
(the joys of a perfectionist learning a new skill).-

-Half the hair I stripped off... the rest was on the floor, my pants, in my mouth, on the carpet and just about anywhere else you can imagine.-

June 24, 2010

Five Months!

Weight: 16lbs 3oz

Height: 25 1/4 inches

Favorite moment: The four of us made a trip down to Aspen Beach to join my family for a very special Father's Day BBQ. The sun was hot, the water was warm, the food was summery and Sawyer enjoyed his first trip to the lake. Hopefully this is the first of many beach days to come!

Words: No words yet but he's making new sounds daily. And, we've found that as his talking gets louder so does his crying. We may have to invest in earplugs for our downstairs people, Rach & Rob.

Trying to learn: Still working on rolling over. But for now Sawyer pivots around in circles (his head stays in one place and he pushed his body around it by kicking with his feet). Now when I lay him in his crib he is guaranteed to be in a different place when I go to get him up. Watch out world, here comes a semi-mobile Sawyer!

First: Slept 8 hours... only once. I guess that Sawyer just wanted me to know that he can sleep for extended periods of time, he just chooses not to. They say that his sleeping should be getting better, but it doesn't seem to be. It's a good thing that he's so wonderful during the day. At least I get a break in then.

Sawyer is captivated by his Jolly Jumper. He loves to stand and watch what is going on around him. He appreciates the better view of me, as I do chores, and Kimchi as he follows me around the house.

June 20, 2010

The First of Many

Happy first Father's Day, Trev!

June 12, 2010

The Calgary Zoo

Sawyer took his first trip to the Calgary Zoo this past weekend. I was equally as excited to introduce him to all of the animals as I was for him to spend the day with the whole family. Sawyer on the other hand found the zoo a great place for a very long nap!

During the day we did see many animals. We managed to get a few shots of the more intimidating ones...
-Monster, Auntie Becki toting Sawyer around in his super wrap.-
(Thanks again to his Auntie Karalee)

-A rare sighting of the ferocious camera wielding Uncle Dave.-

All in all it was a successful day of rare sightings, long naps and family fun! We're looking forward to many more trips in the future and with any luck, hopefully Sawyer will be able to stay awake long enough to see an animal.

June 10, 2010

Nineteen Weeks...

Weight: 15lbs 6oz

Height: 25 inches

Likes: Kimchi (our dog, not the food). Sawyer now smiles when he sees Kimchi and Kimchi has begun to shower Sawyer with kisses. Lately I've even noticed that Sawyer looks around for the puppy when he hears little nails clicking across the kitchen floor.

Words: You can tell when Sawyer has had a good nights rest as the following morning is filled with jabbering. Sawyer now babbles, stringing together multi-syllable sounds and giggles. Nothing could be more adorable.

Newest trick:
Our little man has now learned how to push himself up with his arms and hold himself upright. He is very proud of his achievement and spends a good portion of his tummy time checking out his new found world.

First: This past weekend Sawyer made his first trip to the Calgary Zoo. Needless to say he spent most of his visit sleeping (much to his Auntie Becki's delight). Maybe next time he'll enjoy the animals, sights, sounds and smells a little more.

Trying to learn: Sawyer is working on learning to roll over. Stay tuned...