June 10, 2010

Nineteen Weeks...

Weight: 15lbs 6oz

Height: 25 inches

Likes: Kimchi (our dog, not the food). Sawyer now smiles when he sees Kimchi and Kimchi has begun to shower Sawyer with kisses. Lately I've even noticed that Sawyer looks around for the puppy when he hears little nails clicking across the kitchen floor.

Words: You can tell when Sawyer has had a good nights rest as the following morning is filled with jabbering. Sawyer now babbles, stringing together multi-syllable sounds and giggles. Nothing could be more adorable.

Newest trick:
Our little man has now learned how to push himself up with his arms and hold himself upright. He is very proud of his achievement and spends a good portion of his tummy time checking out his new found world.

First: This past weekend Sawyer made his first trip to the Calgary Zoo. Needless to say he spent most of his visit sleeping (much to his Auntie Becki's delight). Maybe next time he'll enjoy the animals, sights, sounds and smells a little more.

Trying to learn: Sawyer is working on learning to roll over. Stay tuned...

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