June 12, 2010

The Calgary Zoo

Sawyer took his first trip to the Calgary Zoo this past weekend. I was equally as excited to introduce him to all of the animals as I was for him to spend the day with the whole family. Sawyer on the other hand found the zoo a great place for a very long nap!

During the day we did see many animals. We managed to get a few shots of the more intimidating ones...
-Monster, Auntie Becki toting Sawyer around in his super wrap.-
(Thanks again to his Auntie Karalee)

-A rare sighting of the ferocious camera wielding Uncle Dave.-

All in all it was a successful day of rare sightings, long naps and family fun! We're looking forward to many more trips in the future and with any luck, hopefully Sawyer will be able to stay awake long enough to see an animal.

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