July 6, 2010

Saskatchewan Landing

-And that's not even all of us!-

A few weekend ago we were fortunate enough to be able to attend a family reunion at Saskatchewan Landing (the Bogen side of the family (Trevor's Mom's side). Not only was it great to introduce Sawyer to a ton of his relatives (the ones responsible for his red hair) but it was so wonderful for Sawyer to finally meet all of his aunts, uncles and cousins. We were also able to enjoy a bit of the water and the sunshine while hanging out on the boat.

-Sawyer spent a good portion of his time at the reunion meeting new people, this is one of the few times I nabbed him to a cuddle.-

-Turkey & ham dinner!! That's right! Turkey while camping!-

-Canada Day fireworks at the fairgrounds in Swift Current, Saskatchewan.-

-Captain Trev loves his Dad's new boat! Maybe someday Trev, maybe someday...-

-Raith showing off the flowers he picked especially for his grandma! What a sweet boy.-

-Four generations of Bogens.-

-Zane and Raith enjoying a ride in tube thanks to Uncle Trev.-

-Tanya and Rowan enjoying the breeze while riding on the front of the boat.-

-A dirty faced little Kayla. Needless to say, she enjoyed Grandpa's boat as much as anyone.-

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