February 22, 2010

One Month...

Weight: 9lbs 1oz

Height: 21 inches

Milestones: This week Sawyer lost his umbilical chord. Not that I was sad about this loss but it kind of reinforced the fact that Sawyer is indeed growing and changing, and lately the growing and changing seems to be happening at a pretty steady pace.

Little explorer: Road Trip! And finally, Reading Week. We took our first trip as a family this week. Sawyer slept like a rock through the whole two hours in his car seat and seemed to quite enjoy his time being cuddled and kissed by his adoring relatives in Red Deer.

First: I was torn whether this comment should go into 'Firsts' or into 'Favourite moments'... Sawyer is now sleeping in his own room. This means that he is not only sleeping through the night (well he is still waking to eat) but that his mom and dad are also getting some rest. So I guess it is a milestone for Sawyer and getting some sleep (hopefully soon a habit) makes it a favourite moment for both Trev and I.

Scary moments: During his first doctor's appointment we were told that Sawyer has a heart murmur (an extra or unusual sound heard during a heartbeat). Apparently they are quite common in babies but we are being sent for some tests at the Stollery Children's Hospital just in case. Please pray.

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Kirstin said...

Yay sleep! I have a heart murmur too. We'll be praying...keep us updated.