February 8, 2010

Week Two...

Weight: 7lbs 13oz

Height: 19 inches

First: This week Sawyer started to focus his eyes on objects close to him. Now when he is held, if he is awake, he spends a good portion of his time intently staring at your face. It's nice to feel like you're being seen.

Likes:This week we started having some tummy time in the sunshine. No complaints from Sawyer.

Dislikes: We discovered this week that Sawyer does not like being tickled. We've found that his back is especially ticklish and if you run a finger up from his hip to his armpit he squirms and protests.

Favourite moments: I would have to say that our times cuddling, now with smiles and focused eyes, are still my favourite times.

Trying to learn: Sawyer is trying desperately to learn how to suck his thumb. Most of the time his arms are flailing about and so he ends up with a fist in his mouth for a few seconds and then off it goes again.

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Anonymous said...

Hi everyone,
As expected, such great pics of my new nephew. Can't wait to hold the little guy. I'm glad to hear all was well with the hospital visit, what a fright that must have been.
Love Tanya and family