February 1, 2010

One Week...

It's hard to believe that Sawyer has now been a part of our lives for an entire week. All of the adjustments, not to mention the steep learning curve, have robbed us of time and most definitely sleep. This week has been a blur.

We'd like to keep you all updated on Sawyer's many accomplishments and journeys through life. Here is the first of many to come.

Weight: 7lbs 1oz

Height: 19 inches

Newest tricks: Sawyer likes to smile. I swear I've even heard him giggle. Whether it's gas or his way of expressing emotion, it sure is adorable. Funny though, he seems to like to smile at me in the middle of the night while he's keeping me awake. It's as if he thinks it's funny that he controls the show around here, especially in the wee hours of the morning.

Likes: Sawyer likes chillin' with his dad. The two of them sit at the computer and Trev introduces Sawyer to the world of music. Trev will say, "I know you won't like this music when you're older, mostly cause we like it, but you need to give it a chance now". At which time they listen to some 80's tunes.

Dislikes: He greatly dislikes being cold... can you blame him? He fidgets and sometimes screams when you change his diaper or strip him down for a bath.

Favourite moments: Number One - My favourite moments this week have been the quiet times when we sit in the arm chair and talk. I love to see him smiling back at me.

Number Two - At the hospital Trev was changing Sawyer's diaper when the doctor walked in and casually asked Trev how many times he'd been pooped or peed on. Just as Trev finished telling the doctor that he hadn't yet been messed on, Sawyer let loose and sprayed the entire hospital bed. To make matters worse as Trev was frantically cleaning up, Sawyer peed all over his own face (Poor little guy!). The doctor just stood by calmly and watched while an embarrassed and dishevelled Trev did his best to amend the situation. You couldn't help but feel bad for Sawyer and for Trevor! Especially seeing how Trev changed ALL Sawyers diapers for the first three days. (P.S. Trev is amazing!)

Scary moments: Sawyer ended up in the U of A Emergency room this past Sunday. Visually, his jaundice had been getting a lot worse and then Sunday he refused to wake up and eat for almost 10 hours straight. We called Health Link and were advised to rush him in. At the hospital he had an IV put in (so heart breaking), blood drawn and waited 5 hours to see the doctor. In the end all was fine. His jaundice levels, although they looked high weren't in the dangerous range and the doctor said that some babies just decide not to eat for quite a period at a time. This was a hard experience for us but we are so thankful that Sawyer did not have to stay in the hospital and that he has been at home eating like a trooper ever since.

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