April 11, 2009

Easter: Bunnies or Christ?

This weekend we traveled down to Saskatchewan to celebrate our first Easter in three years. Somehow, Easter is missed in Korea. It's understandable that the Confucius society does not recognize or celebrate the resurrection of Christ but we found it a bit odd that the Christian church in Korea could overlook such a day, the day that makes the Christian faith true, the day that gave all man-kind an alternative to the hell that we by nature deserve.

And while we recognize that we've entered back into a society that commercializes Christian holidays, claiming bunnies and chocolate as the reason the celebrate, we are thankful to be back. We enjoyed being home in Canada and the commercialism that we were subjected to seemed to remind us to pray for the state of our county and ourselves. It is somewhat understandable that Korea does not celebrate Easter, considering their roots. But considering ours, it's a shame what we've let this day become.

Not that I want to be the fun police. That's not it at all. Quite the opposite. Celebrate, have fun, eat chocolate (if that's your thing), be with family but do it in the realization that Easter is more than bunnies and more than chocolate. Easter, what Christ accomplished on Easter, is the justification for our hope. 

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