April 12, 2009

Land of the Living Skies

-Lonely grain elevators. Neidpath, Saskatchewan.-

This year we were fortunate enough to be home for Easter. And, as mentioned before, we made our way down to Saskatchewan to celebrate with the Olson clan. We greatly enjoyed spending time with our loved ones, praising our saviour together as a family, an Easter egg hunt with the kids, a wonderful turkey dinner with all the trimmings and watching the miracle of Spring unfold. But aside from these traditions, we enjoyed an early morning trip to the countryside in search of ghost towns. And ghost towns we did find.

-Abandoned Church. Neidpath, Saskatchewan.-

The first of the towns, Neidpath, was a town that sprang up in the early 1900's and was named after Neidpath Castle of Peebles, Scotland. As a point of interest Neidpath is now on the list for 'Places with fewer than 10 residents', 'Ghost towns of Canada' and 'Ghost towns of Saskatchewan'. It was in Neidpath that we found these great abandoned grain elevators, an old church, and remnants of a once great car.

-Run-down car. Neidpath, Saskatchewan.-

Hallonquist was the other ghost town we stumbled upon. And, sadly enough, only has two claims to fame: an old dude named Bill Schwartz (who went on to accomplish many great things) and a little rodeo which still takes place every summer.

-Aged Buildings. Rosenhof, Saskatchewan.-

Our morning expedition has left us with a desire to seek out other such destinations. With 231 ghost towns in Saskatchewan and another 168 in Alberta they shouldn't be hard to find.

-Rusty windmill. Saskatchewan.-


Kirstin said...

We'd love to come with you on a ghost town trip sometime. :)

Anonymous said...

Nice photos!

Just stumbled cross the blog ad loved the Saskatchwan photos.