April 10, 2009

Sunday at the Zoo

-A peaceful shot of a a majestic Snowy Owl.-

Is there a better way to spend a sunny spring Sunday than to head to the zoo with your nephews and enjoy the intriguing sights and unfamiliar sounds?

After two years of missing out on family life we think not. And so, on the first Sunday in April we all ventured down to Calgary to take a peek at the animals, marvel at their habitats and learns about the way of life in their native regions of the world.

-A sleepy little lemur way up in the trees.-

-A part of the monkey house, this little guy was a joy to watch as he tried to eat his dinner of tropical fruit.-

Trevor once again managed to snap a few shots, thanks to D Street's fantastic 300mm lens! We encourage you to check out Dave's photography here: Squidz. While Trev enjoyed using the lens, I enjoyed playing with the boys, walking and talking with Beck, Karalee and Dave and not having to worry about having pictures for a blog.

Again, it's hard to say who enjoyed the day of zoo-going the best: Trevor or the boys.

-And, possibly one of the more unsightly mugs of the day, this vulture resided in the African exhibit right alongside a lethargic little tortoise.-


Jen said...


I saw those birds all over Uganda. I called them the ugly birds. They were usually digging through garbage. I remember in Kampala they would often fly around and it was amazing to see them... they're huge!!!

The Olson's said...

They are huge! We were not sure what they were called... "The Ugly Birds" will have to do.