May 12, 2008

Ma and Pa's Fantastic Asian Trip

Ma and Pa Olson here...

We left our cool Saskatchewan climate on April 29, destination, Thailand and South Korea. Flying time to Phuket, Thailand was almost 23 hours with a night stop over in Singapore. Singapore was a beautiful city and we wished we had booked in for a couple more days.

-Going for a dip in Phuket, Thailand.-

Thailand, on the other hand, was hot, very hot. We did a couple tours, the first was a speed boat tour to Phang Nga Bay, James Bond Island and Khai Island. We also did the touristy elephant ride which we really enjoyed.

-Cashews in the trees on a Farm in Thailand.-

The rest of time we spent taking in the culture in Patong and surrounding areas, it really was a culture shock. We enjoyed the food and restaurant in Phuket but it’s debatable whether we would go back.

The next leg of our journey was Seoul, South Korea to visit with Trevor and Rachel. What a huge city, but so different from what we expected. The city is a mix of old and new and everywhere you turn is something different. Even back allies are lined with little shops and different smells, some better than others.

-Posing at the royal palace, Gyungbuk Gung, Seoul.-

Trevor and Rachel kept us busy with all the different attractions that the city has to offer, we weren’t sure if where we were going was for food or to a tourist place. They took us to a traditional theatre, it was amazing, and also to a performance called Jump. We went to markets, palaces, and to the down town area where there was lots of activity.

- Trev and Rach eating dalk galbi, a kind of spicy stir-fry.-

It’s hard to pick a highlight it was all great, but Dr. Fish was definitely the most unusual, imagine hundreds of little fish nibbling your feet, and paying for them to do it. All in all, it was a wonderful visit and a great time. Thanks Trev and Rach, we had a blast.

-Oddest pedicure, Dr. Fish, Seoul,-

Favorite Places: Cheon-gye Cheon and Chong Dong Theatre.
-Taking in the paper lanterns on Chung-gye Cheon, Seoul.-

Least Favorite Thing: Crowds!!!!
-The crowds on this holiday weekend, Buddhas Birthday were incredible.-

Favorite Food: Dwaji Galbi, BBQ pork.
-Delicious marinated pork wrapped in lettuce leaf.-

Favorite Goofy Korean Pose:
-Posing at Gyung-buk Gong, Seoul.-


Anonymous said...

Fish nibbling on your feet?? Like to hear more that one.

Rachel & Trevor Olson said...

You should come for a visit and we'll let you try it!!