May 9, 2008

A Little Taste...

-Temple of Heaven, Beijing, China-

Recently, our blogs have been few and far between. Apologizes.

-The Great Wall, China-

We have been on the run. On and off planes like their taxis, in and out of tourist attractions like we live there and we've had visitors coming out our ears. As we still do not have time to give you the full update that we want to and will... eventually, here is a teaser; a small taste of what we have been up to. Enjoy.

-Halla Mountain, Jeju Island, Korea-

-O'Sulloc Tea Fields, Jeju Island, Korea-

-Azeleas, Jeju Island, Korea-

-Halla Mountain, Jeju Island, Korea-


Anonymous said...

You guys take such beautiful photos! Also, I love your parents Rachel! They are swell! Can't wait to see the updates! Also, Drew enjoyed the Korean version of a lady bug!

Rachel & Trevor Olson said...

I kinda like my parents too. Hee, hee!

I'm glad that you liked the ladybug and the photos. We've been working hard to make our blog more attractive and informational.

Miss you... see you around Christmas time!