May 1, 2008

Wild Adventures of the Fifth Grade

- The Korean version of a ladybug. -

There we were... six teachers and four bus loads of kids.
Introducing them to dirt and bugs, something they have never seen in their concrete life.
This was not a pursuit to be taken lightly as the following pictures indicate.

- Jae Won and a friend. -

- Grade 5 boys -

- When the talk on the species of trees get a little dry... -

- Yet, some find entertainment in anything. -

- Fishing for tadpoles. -


Kirstin said...

Tadpoles provide a never-ending source of interest. We used to catch them and keep them in an aquarium in my brother Karl's room. None of them survived to froghood, unfortunately.

Jen said...

Oh cool field trip! How'd you manage to get to go?

My grade 5s went to World Cup Park a couple of weeks ago - I meant to go and hang out with them for a bit (World Cup is 5 min from my school, and it turned out that my classes were cancelled that day because they were on the field trip...) but it ended up raining - and I ended up bailing!

Are you back from Jeju now? I imagine that you had an amazing time - can't wait to get there myself!

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