March 8, 2008

Maeil Business Newspaper

If you look ever so closely you will see that we have made the newspaper for the second time in a week. Only this time it is not an English propaganda publication, no, we were featured in the Maeil Business Newspapers, which I was told, "sports a whopping 100 copies a day!!". Upon clarifying I realized that what she meant to say was, "a whopping 1 million copies a day". Now that is a little more impressive.

The article was written in Korean so there is no point posting it for you all to read. In short, Trev was invited to give an interview with Maeil News, I went along for moral support as my school is a five minute walk away from the news headquarters. Before arriving, he had no idea what he was being interviewed about or why he was being interviewed for that matter.

Upon arriving downtown, we were ushered into a high-rise news building and seated at a large conference table with four others foreigners, none of whom knew why they were there.

The interview began. We learned that we were to be talking about reforms for the English education system in Korea and then we were promptly interrupted by a photo shoot. After a short stroll through a neighboring park we returned to finish our discussion on how and if English is a concept which Koreans are able and willing to accept and utilize.

The paper was impressed with how the pictures had turned out that day. What they didn't know was that we were all laughing at how ridiculous the whole event turned out to be.


Hilary said...

Hey, at least you made the paper! I'm impressed!

Colleen said...

Wow, who knew it would take moving to the other side of the world to have your opinion valued so much!