March 11, 2008

7 Comments later...

Knock. Knock.
Who's There?
Seven who?
Seven comments! Thanks guys!

Okay, so the joke doesn't work twice but we are very thankful for all of you who left us a guess.

And, the winners are (drum roll please)...

  • On a national level, including only those who live in Korea and can read Hangeul, our winner was Hilary Hontz!!
  • On an international level, our winners are, Drew and Jillanna Weatherhead!!

Our winner will be receiving an all non-expense payed trip to our house!!! I know that Hilary will be claiming that prize tomorrow! Drew and Jillanna, when are you coming?

And, just to let you all know, the real price was 600 KRW or $o.61 CAD.

Thanks for being good sports!

1 comment:

Jillanna and Drew said...

Woohoo! We are the wieners!

Ohh a all non-expense paid trip? Sounds glamourous! Uhh I think that will have to wait a while..*sigh*