March 7, 2008


Knock. Knock.
Who's There?
Nobody who?
Nobody is leaving us comments.

Lately, we've been feeling all alone. This is mostly due to the fact that on our last six post, no one has left us any comments.

We've been fishing for your comments by posting adorable pictures of Indonesian children, Rachel "showing off her stuff " on the front page of the newspaper and even by posting pictures of the world-famous David Beckham taken with our own camera.

So, instead of fishing for your comments, we're going to come straight out and ask for them.

It will be simple, we will ask the questions and you will answer, to the best of your ability, at the comments link below.


1. What is the brand name of this drink?

2. What is the name of this drink?

3. How much do you think it costs?


Sara Sonsaengnim said...

Woah! Where did you find that? (The hangeul cracks me up)

...and I want to say you paid way too much money for it.

Hilary said...

Of course it's a Canada Dry and of course it's Ginger Ale... or maybe it's a Canada Duraee and it's a Gingoel.

I'm guessing it cost around 1,000 won.

I could be totally off though!

I think it's your turn to leave a comment on MY blog now! BOOYA!

Anonymous said...

Canada Dry Ginger Ale, and I have no idea what the price would be! I'm going to say ahhh 3,000 won? I dunno!

p.s. I love you! And I love reading your blog!

Dave and Karalee said...

Hi guys!
So of course my guess is Canada Dry Ginger Ale! My guess would be $4,000 wons!

I must apologize for the lack of commenting. I have thoroughly enjoyed all of your trip pictures! Keep on posting because although I may not always comment, I check your blog every day!

Love Karalee

Kirstin said...

No comments from us because...I forgot how to type...or something. :)

Based on the stats from our blog, there's fifty people a day reading it and none of them are commenting. Mysterious (maybe creepy?) anonymous blog readers.

You should put up a picture of your new celebrity newspaper coverage. :)

Rachel Kruger said...

ok..first off...it's my favorite pop ever.

1. Canadian dry
2. gingerale
3. i don't know how much wons...but i say 6 bucks canadian.

Rachel Kruger said...

oh, and we wanna see a close up of your newest publicity shot!