March 1, 2008

FC Seoul (2) vs. L.A. Galaxy (1)

David Beckham has been all the hype in Seoul for the last month. Advertisements of Beckham were scattered throughout the city; on buildings, flyers, subways, television, children... you get the point.

Being in a football loving country like Korea has given us the desire to join the mob and cheer on our city league but we've never made the effort to get tickets. So when our friends, Cory and Jen, offered to take us to see FC Seoul take on L.A. Galaxy, we were more than eager to join them at the World Cup Stadium.

When the scoring topped out at a whopping 1-1 at the end of the 90 minute game, it was up to the goalies to defend their team's pride in a penalty shoot out. Despite the fact that L.A. Galaxy had the all famous Beckham, Seoul managed to win 2-1 in front of their home crowd of 34,000 spectators.

The Korean fans left satisfied. On one hand, Beckham had not performed as anticipated but on the other hand, their good old home boys had won the match. And in the end, winning is all that matters to a bunch of crazed football fans.


Jillanna and Drew said...

I personally never understood the whole Beckham craze myself! But I'm glad that Seoul won! It's always good when the home team wins! (unless its the oilers!)

Rachel & Trevor Olson said...

We whole heartedly agree!! Boo, Oilers!!

Beth said...

The crowded subway after the game reminds me of the Christmas rush :)

Rachel & Trevor Olson said...

That's what if felt like... actually if was a bit better than Christmas. People were actually standing in lines... imagine that!!!!