February 27, 2008

Rice Paddies

Like Korea, rice is the most important food source in Indonesia. Rice also accounts for a large part of Indo agriculture, the majority of the employment and income for villages, while also acting as a draw for its tourism industry.

Unlike Korea, where rice is eaten for every meal as well as snacks, it is common for families in Indonesia to eat rice for only two meals a day.

As an interesting side note, the field workers face many dangers during the day. Intense heat from the mid-day sun has brought about the popular rice paddy hats. Dehydration and poor posture are hugely detrimental factors but the worst of them all, they also face the wrath of the green snakes which live in the irrigated paddies. While I could never handle the thought of working along side these vile creatures, they tend to think of their situation in a more beneficial light. Yes, they eat these snakes for their dinner. I was even told that they make a scrumptious stew or, if you fancy, a shish-ka-bob (as the Indonesian would say, a satay).

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