December 17, 2007


This marks the second annual Rachel-Trevor trip to the luminaries at Cheong Gye Cheon. And, believe it or not, despite the open water, it was COLD. We hope that you enjoy these pictures and that they will bring you a little Christmas cheer.

-The skating rink on the lawn of City Hall.-
Luminaries 2006


Dave and Karalee said...

That is abSEOULutly amazing!! And to think I thought the guy from Rocky who decorates his backyard was impressive!

Les said...

This morning I was wondering what it would feel like to be cold again. Its hard to anticipate christmas in 35 degree weather. Next time Trevor curses the way the siberian wind cuts icily through his 20 dollar knock off soft shell from china, remember me sweating to death in front of a banana milkshake at 10 in the morning.

Les said...

oh, and Happy Birthday big guy!

Rachel & Trevor Olson said...

Rub it in a little bit more Les. And to let you know, I'm asking for a real soft shell for Christmas so I can get rid of that $20 China special.
Thanks for the "Happy Birthday"


Anonymous said...

Wow! Awesome pics once again!