December 25, 2007

Christmas Around the Classroom

- The view from my classroom window-

It's traveled thousands of miles over land and sea, transcended the bitter cold temperatures of the open Pacific and now we can feel it in the air. It's Christmas excitement!

-Student's Christmas Cards-

Lately, we have been hearing so much talk of Christmas break. Everyone back in North America seems to be excited for the arrival of the holiday season. For teachers it means time out of the classroom and away from books and ever wondering minds. For us here in Korea it is a slightly different story. Don't get me wrong...yes, we have Christmas break; We got off on the eve of the 24th, we celebrated Christs' birth with all the we had in us, and we head back to the front of the classroom bright and early tomorrow!

So for all of you who are fortunate enough to have a few days off, or even a week or two for that matter, enjoy your time. Soak up the free afternoons and have a nap or two for us!!

-My soon-to-graduate grade 9 boys, more than happy to pose for their Canadian viewers-

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