December 24, 2006

Through The Eyes Of Beth

Since I've been in Korea - for 3 days now - I've discovered that eating is a huge part of life here. With street vendors every two feet with a wide variety of yummy (and some not so yummy) treats you can never go hungry! My favorite thing about restaurants here is that they have burners or grills in the middle so you can either keep your food piping hot or cook it yourself - how cool is that?!
YUMMY! Dak Galbi - spicy! Rachel had been telling me about Dak Galbi for the last two days - how good it is! So, tonight after the Christmas Eve service (and the massive crowd you can witness in the video clip) we stopped for supper. Have you ever tried eating coleslaw with chopsticks? Tricky. In Dak Galbi there is chicken, cabbage, rice cakes (solid, chewy things), onion, garlic, and thick red spice sauce (just so you know, Rachel picks out all the cabbage and rice cakes to eat - she avoids the best part - the chicken). It's spicy, but not nearly as spicy as I expected. It makes your nose runny though - and that's tough considering you are not suppose to touch your nose or blow your nose in public (which also means you hear a lot of people noisily clearing phlegm from their throats and spitting all over the ground - which sounds more rude to you, spitting, or using a kleenex?!)
Just so you all know, I'm going to dog-nap Kimchi when I leave. He's so cute and playful! He climbed the mountain with us this morning and just ran the whole time! He made many friends on the climb.
The Koreans know how to put on a light show! This particular display is at the head of the Cheonggyecheon (pronounced: chung-gee-chun) , a man-made river through the city of Seoul using the old highway route. It was made to beautify the city. It worked. There are lights in the water, pathways all along it, beautiful bridges, and even a niche with a bunch of pictures of Korea's past.
Bulam-San. All you have to do is walk one block and go across the street from Trevor and Rachel's apartment and you are at the base of a beautiful mountain. I must say, it's the easiest mountain I've climbed and a short hike, but it provides a great view of the city. This picture is just the half way mark.

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