December 24, 2006

Christmas Eve in Korea

* See disclaimer at the end of the following message.

This is a Christmas Eve commentary direct from Seoul, hosted by Rachel with our friend Beth just behind her. After our Christmas Eve church service, we decided to check out one of Seoul's most famous shopping sites called Myong-Dong. The chaos that you are about to witness is no measure of the true Korea however it does justify all of our preconceptions of an Asian country. If you are afraid of crowds of this magnitude and would rather stay in your comfortable surroundings please remember that us country hicks have made a nice living in this urban machine.

* The parties responsible for the shooting, posting and editing of this short film are in no ways to held liable for the many stereo-types that can and will be proven true through the following footage. Please be mindful that viewer discretion is advised, and any such viewing is done so at your own risk and at the expense of you and your internet provider exclusively.

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