December 17, 2006

Winter Has Arrived

Well the myth was proved late last night as it finally snowed. When we were told to buckle down for a cold, cold winter weekend we did not imagine that we would wake warm in our little thirteenth story apartment to look out at a fresh, clean winter covered world. The snow brought with it many a beautiful sight that we have been looking forward to. When you tell Canadians to prepare for cold weather we usually think of something more frigid than -2 degrees Celsius. However the snow was a welcome guest, unfortunately it will be a guest that will not stay for long. The snowmen that the neighborhood children where building this morning, as we were heading off to find my Christmas present, were already missing in action when we returned later this afternoon. For those of you who wonder about our little Kimchi, he is still doing well. He is growing everyday and getting better at learning and remembering his tricks. He is without a doubt a loyal and friendly little guy. He did not get a chance to see the snow but he had better get used to it if he is going to be living in Canada for the rest of his years.

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Brent and Kirstin said...

Hurray for snow!

It's been abnormally here (as in, same temperatures you're having) and all the snow is gone :( All that's left is puddles of ice that I slip on when I go running.