November 23, 2007

Train Ride

Transportation in Korea is amazing. Flights and buses departing every twenty minutes, trains leaving on the hour, and the KTX, which travels at 300Km/hr, racing through the main artery of Korea, all delivering travelers to various cities peppered all over the peninsula.

A relaxing slow train was our choice of transportation for our weekend getaway.

We curled up in a comfortable seat beside the window and watched the world drift by as the engine drew us farther away from the sights and sounds of the city.

While the scenery was great, the weather was freakishly cold. While waiting for the train to return to Seoul we all found our different ways to keep warm. Nate cuddled with his cup of vending machine coffee, Trevor danced on the waiting benches, Jess ran around snapping pictures to preserve her memories and I stood cool as a cucumber wondering what I had gotten myself into.

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