November 24, 2007

One Hundred and One Stone Pagodas

On the south side of Mount Mai, it is said that there were once over 120 pagodas, unfortunately only about 80 exist today. All of them built by one Buddhist monk over the last century, they tower tall over the valley below.

It is said that there is something very mysterious about these pagodas. No matter how violent the weather, even during storms, they somehow do not sway or fall. As we walked through the towering peaks we were constantly reminded by the frowns and the unwavering glares of the care taking monks to walk straight and be aware of our surroundings as to not 'accidentally' knock one of these ancient pagodas over. I don't know about Trevor but I felt like someone had spent a lot of time setting up hundreds of dominoes and right when they were about to set them over, someone stopped the fun. Cheonju-tap (Head Pagoda) sits at the top of the rise, just above the main temple.

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