November 24, 2007

My Mount Mai

This past weekend we decided that it would be our last opportunity to escape into the country for a little exposure to the grandeurs of a Korean Autumn. Spying a keenly placed advertisement in the subway a few weeks before, Trevor knew where we must go. One of the most unique yet widely kept secrets of the Korean peninsula, Mai-san.

Mai Mountain, became a registered national treasure on October 31st, 2003 as Korean national treasure number 12. Raising high above the surrounding range, the "female" Maibong (673m) and the "Male" Miabong (667m) are distinctly Asian and the only 'couple' mountains in the world.

Over the millennium the mountain has been called by many names: Seoda-san, Yongchul-bong and Sokgeum-san. However, more recently it has been called, Mai-san because its two peaks are said to resemble the ears of a horse.

It also has other names influenced by its distinct shape within each season: Dottae-bong (spring-sail of a boat), Yonggak-bong (summer-Dragon's horn), Mai-bong (autumn-peak of horse ear) and Munpil-bong (winter-writing brush).

As luck would have it we arrived the night before a hard frost and were able to capture the maples in their full array.

Nate and Jessica Crew were as eager to accompany us on our adventure as we were to have their company. While Jess and I frolicked in the leaves, Nate and Trevor discussed more masculine issues like Fall fashion, handbags and weekend spa trips.


Les said...

Your totally amazing, photoshoppy to the max pics (hey its Asia, its all good!) really make me want to book a return pronto. though i think since i'd not climbed at maisan once (amazing bomber conglom jugs) I'd promised myself that already. Enjoy the looonnnngggg korean fall, the best season of all. peace, Trev and Rach.

Kirstin said...

Gorgeous, guys. Makes me want to come explore with you. :)

Rachel & Trevor Olson said...


Your surroundings for the past month have not been so shabby either. Thanks for always setting a good example of just getting out.

T and R

p.s. happy travels

Rachel & Trevor Olson said...


You really should...


Les said...

Trevor, i managed a 45 foot fall into a tree. doesnt that make you kinda giddy inside? :) that and all sorts of boulders cometting at me while belaying, makes me wish i had some form of travellers insurance. you thinking about canadian tax shtuff?