November 20, 2007

A Lofty View

Around a month ago we were delighted to discover a quaint little park snaking along the top of the ridge behind our apartment. Standing in the grand pagoda at one end of the park boasts the scenery of the glowing banks of the Han River. In contrast, the patios and terraces located in the polar end of the park overlook the bustling downtown business center.

While none of us would deny our pleasure in our evening strolls, Kimchi is by far the most appreciative of the freedoms of this newly found space. Running to his heart content, he is more than pleased to be off his leash. Trevor and I, on the other hand, enjoy the breathtaking views of the city-nightlife.


jeff said...

Wow! That's definitely a nice view. There's nothing quite so grand within walking distance of our place.

Did you guys get snow this week? We had our first two this week and the roads up by my school are so icy now!

Anonymous said...

Yes, probably so it is