November 16, 2007

Ducksu Sports Day

Yet another fun-filled day at Ducksu Middle School: Sport's Day. The grade 7 and 8 students were thrilled; no classes. The grade 9 students were exultant; senior year competition. But, most of all the teachers were elated; no marking, discipline or planning. Really, a win-win situation.

Miss. Kim and I proudly posing in our 3-4 homeroom shirts. As part of the senior's competition each class strives to create the most unique homeroom shirt. Our shirts brilliantly say, in all the collective grade nine wisdom,'ap' or 'front'. And, the back, which is equally as impressive reads, 'dwee' or 'back'.

Five grade 9 boys cuddle as they watch the grade 7 and 8's battle in tug-of-war. Notice the beautiful pink skirt worn by the smirking student in the middle. And, below three girls pretend to be shy as I snap a picture of them waiting for the parent/teacher race to begin.

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