September 16, 2007

The New Pad

As keeping with tradition we thought that it would be appropriate to post a screening of our new home here in Seoul. We love our new accommodations and are very please with the location as well. We are now located in downtown Seoul, within walking distance of both our schools and our church, whereas last year most every location cost us an hour on the subway. I hope you enjoy your visit to our little home. Feel free to come visit in person.


Jillanna and Drew said...

The new place is awesome!! So much bigger! And boy has Kimchi gotten big! Just so you know, if you want, Kimchi is more than welcome to stay with us while you are seeing the world! :)

Kirstin said...

Yayyyyy a tour! Love the chandeliers. ;) Are things getting dry again?

Anonymous said...

place looks nice guys...to bad i cant visit. rachel you should try out for acting when your done teaching, and great video skills trevor. sven