September 11, 2006

Our Home

Welcome to Seoul, Korea! If you have ever wanted to see our place here in Joongkye Jugong, just press the play button.


Brent and Kirstin said...

hehe thanks for the tour! you guys are goofy. :)



Anonymous said...

dig the pad!!
Maley's and the others in swift

Anonymous said...

I was just talking to mom and dad and they were telling me that you were in Seoul Korea. Wow what an adventure. You must be just living from day to day not knowing what is going to happen from around the next corner. Very glad to see that you two are open to new opportunites and willing to take chances in life. I hope that the two of you are very happy. By the way I think that you should put your KILLER dog on the latest most dangerous list. (ha ha) By the way if you haven't figured it out yet, which I figure you won't, I am your cousin, Brian Brosinsky. that has heard about you two. If you want to contact us, our e-mail address is bjbro@telusplanet.net

Sun-woong said...

Both of you are good guides~!! ^0^