September 22, 2007

The New Address

We are officially all moved into our new apartment. Our boxes are unpacked and we are settled in nicely. We are just waiting for the guest to arrive!!

( A very hairy Kimchi)

We have had a few requests for our mailing address so I thought that I would post it for everyone.

If you are thinking of sending us mail keep in mind that the English address may not get to us. Try both languages on the envelope. The best solution would be to print out our address and glue it to the envelope. The address is:


서울시 중구 인현동 2가 3번지


Postal code: 100-282


Duksu Middle School
c/o Rachel/Trevor Olson
3 Bunji 2ga
Inhyundong, Jung gu
Seoul, South Korea


Anonymous said...

thanks for the address. We would have to copy that one. Glad your back safe and sound. Enjoy your year and your new apartment. Sorry we missed seeing you Take care. Auntie Helen

Anonymous said...

hey kimchi...lookin happy and healthy now that your familys back. keep out of those carrots. sven

Anonymous said...

...please where can I buy a unicorn?