September 30, 2007

The East Sea (Sea of Japan)

Over Chusok, Korean Thanksgiving, we were lucky enough to be blessed with not only a week off of work but also a trip to the east coast of Korea with many of our friends. We had an exceptional day on Naksan Beach which is located on the Sea of Japan. I feel that I need to mention that in Korea the Sea of Japan is referred to as the East Sea. If you know your history you can appreciate why the Koreans will not tolerate a sea that is so much a part of their motherland being named after their century old rival. Claiming that the sea is named the Sea of Japan is like a slap in the face to Koreans. So to be politically correct in our host country the East Sea was a wonderfully relaxing destination for a time away from Seoul.

We swam and body surfed, dove in the sand for frisbees and volleyballs, chatted with old friends and made some great new ones, slept to the sound of waves and gulls, got some good rays and just soaked it all in.

To top it all off we ended the day at a Korean salt water sauna (Asian bathhouse) to relax in the steam bathes and hot pools. It was such a soothing day.

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