April 7, 2007

Spring Flower Festival

Yeouido Spring Flower Festival

After almost passing out on the subway today from the heat of the mass amounts of people , Rachel managed to gather the strength to get into the cherry blossom festive mood. Rachel doesn't always pose for the camera this way but to get the true Korean experience, she thought that she would try acting like one. Like they say, "When in Rome" and if anyone is wondering where the pictures are of Trevor posing , I have just one thing to say. "I'm not in Rome."

After walking past the 1400 cherry trees, we decided to take a stroll through Yeouido Park which would be the "central park" of Seoul.

To end our festive experience, we decided to stop and watch some local talent and in return, we became local celebrities ourselves. Once the performer in the white glasses spotted us, he yells out, "Hello!" I wave and say hello back. Thinking that was it, he yells out, "Where are you from?" At this point, many people from the crowd split apart and motion for us to move forward. I tell him that we are from Canada and then he proceeds to tell the audience where we are from. Hundreds of eyes turn upon us then the performer asks, "What do you do?" and, "Do you like Korean food?" and finally he says, "Enjoy Korea!" All the people give out a loud applause and turn back to the entertainer. You would almost think that they had never seen two white people before.


Brent and Kirstin said...

Rach I really like your shoes. ;)


Anonymous said...

So that's what cherry blossoms look like!! Hey, we've seen some more Korean poses we can teach you!!!! Very CUTE, just don't try them at home. Love D&M