April 3, 2007

Highlights of Korea - Mom and Dad

Our highlights of Korea -

The Coolest Thing - "Nanta" - a non-verbal performance of reckless rhythms that dramatize customary Korean percussion in a strikingly comedic stage show, very high energy.

The Oddest Thing - While out hiking on Ray & Trevor's mountain being invited by a Korean family to their home for Shabu-shabu, a traditional Japanese dinner and a not-so traditional Korean imitation. Not to mention all of the incredible help from so many Koreans on the subway and the street. You just needed to reach for a map and they were there to help.

The Most Unusual Thing- Moving trucks using power lifts to deposit household items onto balconies 15 or more storeys up. Also, the "claw" used by the recycle/garbage trucks to load in the unwanteds. Self-propelled flat deck trailers powered by briggs & straton type engines, and steered by foot - Fred Flintstone style.

The Grossest Thing - Silk-worm larvae. If they taste like they smell, you wouldn't dream of eatting them!! Yet Koreans LOVE them. The line up down the street attests to this.

The Funniest Thing- Kimchi stealing Wilf's socks/watch/bookmarks, and Cindy's toothbrush!! That one went in the garbage.

The Cutest Thing - The kinder-kids from Ray & Trev's schools.

The Yummiest Thing- Besides Nepalize food, because that wasn't Korean, - the street vendors. Soooo good!!

Bean fish, Hotteck, cornbread/egg, BBQ chicken on a stick, bite size custard cakes, waffles with honey sauce inside, and cabbage dogs.

The Most Unsettling Thing - The DMZ (demilitarized zone) between South and North Korea, very thought provoking. Here we visited the third tunnel which was discovered by the South Koreans in 1978. It is a tunnel which was built by the North Koreans that is 1,635m in length, 2m in width, 2m in height. It is large enough to move an army ten thousand strong in full kit within a hour of Seoul. They have discovered three more tunnels which are similar and estimate that there are ten more that are unbeknownst to the South Korean Army.

Also, Wilf smuggled his knife into North Korean (This is not something that we would recommend).

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