April 14, 2007

Operation: Easter Smile

Greetings and good day. Today's operation is as follows:

  • On April 20th, Petty Officer Short Stuff (Mom) accompanied by Petty Officer Crazy Locks (Dad) will execute Operation ES. The prime objective is to deliver a survival package to Sergeant Redhot, Corporal Good Lookn' and Specialist Kimchi.
  • The top secret package will be put together by Sergeant Major Lift Kit (Dave), First Sergeant Rookie Mom (Karalee), and Private Smiles (Baby Dawson); and will include camouflage clothing, chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate. It will also include a tactical map of the Settlers of Catan.
Operation to commence immediately following briefing.


Dave and Karalee said...

Private Smiles would like to state, for the record, he is thrilled with the success of this mission!

Anonymous said...

So glad Sergeant Redhot, Corporal Good Lookn' & Specialist Kimchi were available for operation ES.
Mission Accomplished!
Petty Officer Short Stuff

PS - To Corporal Good Lookn'
Birthday Greetings
Signed D&M & Private Medical Officer Buckaroo