October 14, 2006

Beijing, China

Welcome to Beijing!
On October 4th, we flew into China for a four day guided tour of the ancient city. The first stop on the list was the Temple of Heaven (below).
Later that night we attended an acrobatic show that was spectacular.
Early the second day we were off to the Great Wall of China. Here we spent the morning climbing timeworn stairs in a pursuit to reach the highest tower. The rest of the day was spent exploring the Ming Tombs.
On the third day, we rushed over to the world famous Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden City.
This was our Chinese ambassador David. Although he had an amazing wealth of knowledge about his native land and many other countries, he had never been allowed to travel abroad based on strict communist regulations.Our last stop was the Summer Palace where we traveled by dragon boat across the lake. Although our trip was short, we enjoyed our time in Beijing.
We recommend seeing the city at least once in your life but we suggest that you go after the 2008 Olympic Games as the entire city is currently being renovated.

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