October 11, 2006

The Kids of Korea

The top three pictures are Trevor's kids and the bottom three pictures are Rachel's. We have 40 minutes with each class and Rachel would teach 10 classes a day while an under worked Trevor teaches 7 classes a day. A typical class consists of teaching them reading, writing and speaking (Rachel also teaches 2 science classes).


Anonymous said...

The children are gorgeous!! Man I miss ya'll! Life in Lacombe is pretty swell. Not much new and exciting. But, Joclyn and Ryan has their baby. A little boy, born October 5th at about 1:45pm, 7lbs 13 oz. They named him Harper Walker (no middle name)


Love you heaps and heaps!
Jillanna.. and Drew (although I am saying it on his behalf!)

Brent and Kirstin said...

pretty darn cute. :) did you have some kind of ethnic dress day rachel that they are wearing such fancy clothes?


Anonymous said...

Are they as well behaved as they look? They are all pretty darn cute.
The Maleys

Anonymous said...

They are beautiful! And school looks like lots of fun too. I wish someone could teach me like that! Essays just aren't the same. Glad that's over. Miss you guys lots and we have good news! We're making another Erratt! Should arrive around the end of May
Lots of love