January 19, 2011

A Surprise Vacation!

-Family picture. Poor Kimchi couldn't handle the cold and stayed in the truck.-

Just after Christmas and right before Sawyer's first birthday we were offered a free weekend in Jasper. Who could pass up such an offer. Thanks to a friend of ours we spent a luxurious weekend enjoying the mountains of snow in the Rockies. Trev spent much of his time with friends at Marmot while Sawyer and I chilled in the hot tub and spent the afternoon strolling through town. On Sunday we managed to head out to Maligne Canyon for the quickest hike to date. It was beautiful but it was COLD! Oh and to top it all off, not that you can tell from the pictures but Kimchi was able to come along too! Yay for pet friendly hotels and yay for spur of the moment family vacations! :)

-Trev and Sawyer enjoying the hot tub after a hard day of snowboarding and napping (respectively).-

-Sawyer snuggling into the snow. There was SO much of it!-

-Maligne Canyon. A breath taking hike (in more than one way).-

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