January 25, 2011

One Year!

Weight: tba

Height: tba

Newest trick: Wrestling. Sawyer loves to wrestle. He loves to be rolled and tickled and teased. In return he face-plants on your tummy and leaves a nice wet mark. Or better yet leaves you with slobbery cheeks from a nice fat kiss.

Little explorer: Since Sawyer can pull himself up to standing on his own he loves to explore the shelves in the living room. Time for some more baby proofing.

Likes: Sawyer loves his bath. Trev runs the water and I strip him down. It's all I can do to keep him from lunging into the water. I think we may have a fish on our hands. :)

 -Sawyer proves he can pull himself to standing in his crib by emptying the tissue box (which was sitting on his dresser) into his bed. Look how pleased he is with himself. :)-

Trying to learn: Our little man is trying desperately to learn how to walk. Planting his face into the carpet and posing in the downward-facing-dog style is as close as he can manage for now... but I have a feeling that it won't be long. Watch out Kimchi!

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