December 26, 2010

Eleven Months!

Newest trick: Climbing stairs. Sawyer loves to climb the stairs at the Andrus household. And why not, all the good stuff is upstairs. Who needs baby toys when there is a kitchen full of people and food!

Little explorer: Toys almost seem irrelevant as Sawyer has discovered that he is efficient at exploring new places. Doesn't take long for him to get from point A to point B with a few pit stops along the  way.

Favourite food: Sawyer still loves his baby food although we are starting to make a small break through with table food. Much to our delight Sawyer actually joined us for turkey dinner on Christmas Day!

First: First Christmas. I'm not sure which he enjoyed the most, of the hustle and bustle of his busy cousins or the crinkling of the tissue paper.

Favorite moment: Big, fat slobbery kisses from Sawyer. They leave you feeling like you need to squeegee your face but they are so sweet.

Trying to learn: He's not walking yet but he's letting us all know that he's going to be a bi-ped in no time. Crawling doesn't cut it anymore, walking (with assistance) is the only way to go!

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