November 25, 2010

Ten Months!

Words: Sawyer talks all the time now and we love it. We have yet to decide if he understand what it means when he says Mom and Dad...

Little explorer:
Officially crawling in a forward manner, which means... he's into Dad's electronics and Mom's candles, he loves to slobber all over our wedding pictures AND he's found the bells on the Christmas tree! It's officially a great start to an INTERACTIVE Christmas! Also he's taken his crawling into the bath tub as well and now spends most of his bath time chasing his toys around the tub.

Favourite food: Bread, anything bread.

His new fascination is standing up holding onto the couch. He can't pull himself up yet but he tries. When he makes it to standing he loves to dance to show his excitement.

Trying to learn: How to get Kimchi to play with him. He takes Kimchi's toys and waves them around try to get the little puppy's attention. When he does manage to get Kimchi to come over to him he roars with laughter. Which is usually followed by Sawyer trying to grab Kimchi and Kimchi making a bolt for it. I see a great future for these two.

Yum, yum:
Sawyer is having a hard time getting mashed potatoes to stay down. HOWEVER, he LOVES pickled asparagus of all things! Who would have thought!

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