January 30, 2010

Seven Pounds, Five Ounces

-Sawyer, still wrinkly.-

A few more pictures of our baby boy, all from our adventures during our time at the hospital.

In total I spent the better part of three days at the hospital. With not a single complication during the entirety of my pregnancy, it was a bit of a shock to find on the Thursday before my due date that my blood pressure had shot through the roof. Fearing seizures and other serious medical issues, induction was imminent. I spent Saturday in the hospital hooked up to monitoring machines. Mom and Dad were coming for a pre-baby visit and arrived just as I was being released with the news that tomorrow would be the day. We were okay with this news. This gave us enough time to stock the fridge, have one last baby-free dinner out, and for Trev and I to spend an evening together struggling to bring the search for a boys name to an end (it's a good thing too).

-First nap together. I figured that we both deserved a little sleep.-

Back to the hospital early the next morning, after a quick cleaning of the house, to find out my blood pressure had risen still and it was inevitable that they would induce. Sunday was spent in a hospital bed visiting with friends and family, worrying and waiting. It was late Sunday after everyone had gone home for the evening that the pain kicked in and I was given something to help me sleep.

I awoke Monday morning at 3 am with what I could only presume were contractions. And after yet another 2 hours secured to machines, Trev was called to come in and I was rushed to the labour and delivery room for a non-negotiable epidural (lowers blood pressure). When Trev arrived at 6 am I was feeling much better. We napped together for most of the morning, no thanks to the plethora of roving doctors and nurses and their accompanying students. Mom, Dad and Becki arrived a little later to keep us company for the rest of our waiting. It was almost noon when they finally broke my water and informed me that it was almost time to push...


All 7 lbs 5 oz, our tiny Sawyer was born at 1:15pm in the company of 3 doctors, 8 nurses, 1 anaesthesiologist, Becki and his proud father, Trev. In all the months preceding birth I was so focused on the pain of child birth that I had really never put any thought into how it would feel to hold this new little life in my arms. I was happy to have not felt the pain but was overwhelmed by the emotion of meeting my little boy. A perfect little version of Trev, red hair and all. A perfect gift from God.

January 26, 2010

Sneak Peek


Sawyer Edison Olson
January 25th, 2010
7lbs 5oz
19 inches

We were pleased to welcome Sawyer into the world at 1:15pm this past Monday. Born on his due date (I was informed that less than 3% of babies arrive on their given date) Sawyer is already defying the odds. We know God has great things in store for him.

Our little man is a happy, healthy, red headed little boy and we are so proud to call him a part of our family.

January 1, 2010

Sledding At Its Best

-Raith enjoying the hill.-

One of the things we missed most while living in Korea were winter sports. The winters were cold and the lack of snow, space and free time made winter activities almost nonexistent. And while it's true... I still complain about the length and severity of Canadian winters, I do love all of the options for outdoor fun. So far this year, for obvious reasons, I have missed out on the downhill fun. But I'm counting the days until I can throw on my snow pants, grab my crazy carpet and join everyone on the hill.

-Anthony and Moss experimenting with a new and improved form of daily walk.-

-Zane, before...-

-Zane, after. I believe no injuries were incurred.-

-Tanya and Moss.-

-Grandpa stays on the super sled for 8 seconds!-

-Anthony and Moss.-