October 1, 2010

Eight Months!

Words: Sawyer loves to make himself known especially in situations that call for peace and quiet. Take for example our visit to church on Sunday. While sitting in amongst 2000 fellow attendees the Pastor asks for everyone to take a quiet moment to reflect and connect with God. It was at the moment when the congregation was at its quietest when Sawyer bursts out in the loudest holler we've heard yet and not just one holler but a whole sentence of hollers!

Walking: No crawling or walking but he does stand very well.

Newest trick: Waving 'hello' and 'good bye'. And we almost think that he's starting to understand what a 'kiss' is. We've had a few slobbery cheeks to attest.

Favourite toy:
Anything that he can bang together to make noise. He even loves to rub things back and forth across his soother making a clattering sound.

Little explorer: Our little man is getting frustrated with not being able to get where it is that he wants to go. He lays on his tummy and flaps like a seal trying to crawl... so far he's made it to mom's candelabra once and had a wonderful time tipping all of the candles on to the floor.

Sitting in the bathtub. Trevor says that we are now officially a family... we have toys and an alligator mat in the bathtub!

Likes: Sawyer loves to entertain! He already has his dad's charming ways.

Favorite moment:
When he laughs so hard he snorts! There is nothing more adorable!

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