August 24, 2010

Seven Months!

Weight: 17 lbs

Height: 27 inches

Newest tricks: He's been going through phases.

First week - Shaking his head back and forth, back and forth and laughing. I couldn't figure out why he was doing this until Trev came home that night. Trev came in the door from work, walked across the living room bent over Sawyer and Trevor wiggled his head from side to side as he lowered his head to give Sawyer a big raspberry on his belly... It was then that I realized that the son is just copying his dad!

Second week - Scrunching up his nose and snorting.

Third week - Making a popping sound with his lips.

Fourth week - Gurgling and grunting.

During the week of the phase this action is all that Sawyer will do to get your attention. It seems that he LOVES to entertain but come to the end of that week and the beginning of a new phase and you won't catch so much a glimpse of the last action. What a funny little man!

Little explorer: What we affectionately call turtling... Sawyer would flip over from his tummy to his back and couldn't for the longest time figure out how to reverse this action. He would get stuck on his back and would lay flailing until someone would flip him back onto his frontside. Thank goodness he's figured out both rolling from his front and from his back now! It makes for a much less frustrated baby.

Little boy: Standing. He now supports all of his weight on his legs. Now to work on the stability...

New Smile: Two teeth are better than one. Sawyer now boasts two precious teeth, which he is very proud to show off!

Favourite food: It took a while to find a food he loves but we've finally found it... bananas.

Carrots! Prunes! Apples! Pears! Add Peas to that list! Plain old cereal or bananas for this boy.

Favourite moment:
Ice Cream with Grandpa Olson!! He LOVED his first taste of Grandpa's frozen dairy treat! Sawyer is such a lucky little boy to have such wonderful grandparents that feed him sugar. He's going to grow up wishing that they lived a whole lot closer! :)

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