March 22, 2010

Two Months...

-Sawyer and his monster friend, Bruffin.-
Weight: 12 lbs

Height: 22 inches

Little boy: Sawyer is now wearing big boy clothes. This week he grew out of his second round of clothes (1 month clothing) and is working hard at fitting into a new set, a set which includes some adorable overalls. A big thank you to The Andrus Family for the said adorable outfits. We love them and we love you!!

-Seven Weeks.-

Kidnapped: Once again Sawyer and I headed for a visit in Red Deer. We weren't expecting to spend the night but after some smooth talking on the part of his grandparents, we ended up staying. Although I am sure that Trev missed his little man for the night that we were gone, I am sure that he welcomed the uninterrupted sleep and distraction free study time. Thank goodness that exams will be over soon!

Newest tricks: Sawyer seems to be able to focus on objects and people that are moving or that are at the far end of a room now. He seems to really enjoy following people with his eyes. This makes the time that he is awake more engaging and all the more fun.

-Cuddle time, one of my favourite times of the day.-

First: Almost every day for the past few weeks Sawyer has been out for a walk, either in his great Phil and Ted's stroller or strapped to the front of his dad in a Snugli. All three of us are SO thankful that spring is here so that we can get out and explore the city and markets on foot.

I like that Sawyer is as good as gold when we go out in public (knock on wood). We take him to church, bible study, out for dinner and this week we had our first coffee date with Kim. When we're out he doesn't make a sound, just sleeps soundly in his car seat. What a good little boy. I sincerely hope that he keeps this up :)

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